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We need your immediate help and attention.

As you probably know, there are very serious issues facing midwives and birthing parents in Washington. Current political efforts from midwifery groups are falling short and we have decided it is time to change the way things are done.

Washington Alliance for Responsible Midwifery (W.A.R.M.) has developed a new strategic fundraising and political agenda to more aggressively fight for the rights of midwives and parents who choose out-of-hospital birth.

Sadly, despite the evidence of safety, many forces in mainstream medicine continue to try and eliminate or severely restrict home birth and midwifery care.

It became clear to us this year that we need to hire professional help to develop the political and organizing arm of our association. By being proactive, midwifery in Washington can move beyond a state of fear and defensiveness to start making real progress.

Our long-term goal is to truly change the birth paradigm. We believe that midwives should be the normal choice for most families rather than being considered an “alternative” to hospitals. The fact is that we provide the safest, most affordable and most compassionate maternity care and it is about time we start acting like it!

In the short-term, there are some issues facing us that need immediate addressing while we build up for our long-term campaign.

Department of Health creating new rules for midwives.

The Washington Department of Health (DOH) is in the process of rewriting many of the rules for midwifery, after the legislature reopened some of our laws. Some of the changes are positive, including the addition of new ways for midwives to be licensed. Others are hurting us, like the limitations on our ability to provide care to newborns. In addition, new laws are restricting the choices that parents have traditionally held to determine care for themselves and their babies. Our Board is already busy opening lines of dialog with DOH and legislators to advocate for protective rules in our favor and reports that DOH seems quite reasonable and is listening to our needs! This opportunity will likely not happen again for decades, and we must act now to make certain that the new wording is going to work.

Additionally, insurance companies are increasingly trying to write the scope of practice for midwives to deny us compensation for our work and to virtually criminalize parts of our practice. Our main fights are in the Legislature, not with DOH.

Sustained attacks from hospitals and doctors.

Reports continue to roll in from across the state of hospitals and doctors filing attacks in the form of “complaints” with DOH, sometimes on every transfer done by a midwife. This often leads to frivolous investigations and can be financially and emotionally devastating, sometimes resulting in the destruction of the midwife’s livelihood. This dishonest practice of filing false reports also threatens the efforts of all sincere practitioners to provide safe and effective maternity care, including during transport when indicated. When society loses an experienced midwife, it loses long-established knowledge to support the healthy, normal birth process.

Please donate now:

We need your immediate help!

Our success will require everyone taking a moment to do a few things for W.A.R.M.

First, we need to ask you to make a financial contribution to our organization. Second, help raise money from your clients, friends and family. If you can donate anything yourself, please do so today. Every dollar helps! If you can’t pledge your own money, please reach out to those who can. Or both. Contact parents who support what we do, your friends and family and ask them to help. Many of us know people who support our choices in health care and have the resources to help. They just need you to ask. Be creative - ask for a donation to WARM this year as a gift in your name, or gifts of memberships.

Please donate what you can. Then, reach out to supporters, friends and family and ask them for financial support as well.

It can be intimidating as midwives to think of all the challenges facing us today. How could we have the time to possibly lobby the government, fight legal challenges and survive attacks from the medical industry, all while trying to stay focused on helping mothers and babies? The answer is that we can’t without your support!

There are well-paid professionals out there whose job it is to lobby the government, raise money, and fight legal battles for special interests. Those of us at WARM have been donating our precious time and our own money to try to be your voice and protect you from the effects of much of that lobbying. We need your help to become a heavy-hitting political force for midwives, babies and mothers. How can you help? Not only by donating, but by becoming a member of WARM. Our supporting members demonstrate clearly that we are not just speaking for ourselves.

We have so much to lose under business as usual:

    •     The c-section rate in Washington will continue to rise above 1 in 3 births!

    •     Midwives will continue to be prosecuted and harassed unfairly.

    •     Midwives will no longer be able to care for newborns and be fairly compensated for their care.

    •     Rules will be written from a dangerously interventionist “medical” point of view, ignoring the obvious ability of mothers to birth naturally and forbidding midwives to practice classical, safe midwifery.

    •     Insurance companies will define and eliminate the scope of practice of midwives.

    •     There will be no political organization that prioritizes first and foremost the needs of mothers and babies, and their inherent right to chose their own caregiver, including choosing to have the quality care of a midwife.

    •     When the rare occasions arise, midwives will not have the support and legal protection they need to transport to a hospital without fear of persecution.

    •     Families will be forced into accepting interventions that are not medically necessary and midwives will be forced to practice like doctors or risk losing insurance compensation and malpractice insurance.

Help us advocate for your rights.

Our ambitious agenda can set a new precedent for the entire United States and your donation and fundraising support are the keys to making this new vision reality.

If you are reading this message, we know that you have a vested interest in quality, classical midwifery care. Help us take the birth paradigm away from c-sections and interventions to place it in the hands of honest, caring home birth assistants the way nature intended!

Please click on the orange Donate link to contribute what you can. Share this opportunity with others and encourage them to donate as well.

Thank you for your help! If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our Secretary at

With enthusiasm and vision!

~ W.A.R.M.

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